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Hair transplantation: It is an operation which is applied as a solution to cases where hair density decreases irreversibly and permenant loss occurs due to various reasons.This iis an operation that should be executed by experts in the field of hair transplantation and done by the qualified, apporpriate equipment. As EVO Hairtransplant team, we provide professional hair transplantation services.

Hair transplant surgeries or operations are among the major operations that require experience, knowledge, diligence and care. In this respect, this is absolutely no operation to be risked. Improper applications may end with irreversible results and unfortunately there are examples like this. Hair transplantation is absolutely and definitely a surgery that must be done by experts and with the right equipment.

Hair transplantation, which is the treatment of hair loss problems in today's stressful environment, is offered and applied by many clinics as a service. Unfortunately, a number of people with insufficient knowledge and experience in this area open clinics and endanger people's health. Therefore, especially if you have decided to have hair transplantation, we strongly recommend that you do your research in full and in detail. As EVO Hair Transplant team, we provide professional hair transplantation services.

The operation of hair transplantation, removal and prolonged down time is closed, it has been closed for a long time and the hair is removed, it has been an operation in our country for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

FUE Technique is started to be implemented in the beginning of 2000s; it is more preferred because it is not a surgical intervention. FUE Technique is performed by local anesthesia and the results after the treatment are natural and final. Hair follicles (in the FUE Technique, hair follicles are taken as a block unit) are taken one by one and transplanted into the desired area. Patients, including the ones with hair loss due to genetic reasons, do not experience any problems after hair transplantation with FUE Technique.

Depending on the number of hair grafts to be transplanted, the duration of the operation prolonged or shortened. During long-term procedures, breaks are given to increase the comfort of the patients. 1500-4500 hair grafts, meaning 3000-9000 hair strands, can be extracted on an average operation session.

The results can be obtained after a period of around 2-3 months after the hair transplantation with FUE Technique. Since there are no stitches or cuts in the area of transplantation, there is no risk for skin traces. Planted hair is usually lost after the end of first month. 2-3 months after the hair transplantation operation, hair starts to appear and grow. The planted hair grows noticeably after 6 months. In a period of 1 – 1,5 years, natural and excellent results are achieved. One of the advantages of FUE Techniqu is that the hair follicles in any part of the body can also be transferred to the head area.

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