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Healthy and dense beard and moustache, as well as healthy and dense hair, have an important place in the appearance of men. Beard or moustache transplantation operations for men who do not have the desired density of beard or moustache become widespread in parallel to transplantation opportunities.

There is no cure for new hair growth in areas where there is no hair follicles. Therefore in cases of lack, decrease or rareness of beard or moustache; the best solution is beard or moustache transplantation. In cases of regional beard or moustache decrease, ringworm or skin scars; desired density of beard or moustache is now possible to have by FUE Technique used in transplantation.

According to the latest statistics, there is an increase of 120% in the demand for beard and moustache transplantation in our country and nearby geography.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard or moustache can be transplanted to anyone who has hair. Cells taken from the back of neck, as the donor region, are transplanted to the region of beard or moustache through FUE Technique. Different from FUT Technique, in FUE Technique each hair follicle is taken one by one from the donor region and transferred to the desired region.
In FUE Technique, the beard or moustache region begins to heal on the same day. Approximately 9 to 10 weeks after the beard or mustache transplantation process, it is generally seen that the beard or mustache hairs begin to appear visibly.

The density and quality of the beard or moustache depends on the genetic structure of the person. They are thickened within 3 years after male entry into adolescence.
Unless there is a significant change in the level of male hormones, beard or moustache hairs retain masculinity characteristics. Beard or moustache transplantation is the best solution in the treatment of hair re-growth in lacking areas. Beard or mustache loss can be caused by various skin diseases.
Loss of beard or moustache caused by a decrease in hormone levels may require hormone regulation therapy.

Beard or moustache transplantation can be done for men after their 20s when hormones reach basal level in males. Any man who does not have a beard or moustache at the desired density can have transplantation.

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